Total Portfolio Activity 100M Total Assets Under Management 100M
Targeted Investor IRR 10 Targeted Equity Multiple 2.2
Targeted Average Cash Yield 10 Targeted Investment Period 4
Property Type Commercial Location|MSA United States
Investment Profile ESG Fund Targeted Project IRR 10
Sponsor Co-Invest ($) 100m Sponsor Co-Invest (%) 20%
Offers Due 2022/09/05 Funds Due 2022/09/05
Targeted Distribution Start Date 2022/09/05 SD-IRA Investments? 10
Offers Due 1 Initial Posting Date 2022-09-05 13:02:55
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A REIT-like struture that has at least 10% dividend return, projected 30% ROI over the next 5 years. Minimum $100M offering/100 $1M units. Hedge tool for industries requiring carbon remediation. 

Land Use and Reforestation

  • SJU will aggregate a BLEND of Carbon Credit and Offset Producing assets in two forms
    (a) Mandatory Carbon Credits
    (b) Voluntary Carbon Offsets

$2.5 billion of potential targets identified as available for immediate acquisition. BCS already interacting with 100+ Tree farm broker in US

What are Mandatory Carbon Credits?

  • if Emitter A uses all their annual allowance of Carbon Emissions, they can purchase Carbon Credits to avoid Penalties. 
  • Penalities are defined by the government
  • Purchase of Additional Carbon Credits if not required but is a way to reduce penalties and fines
  • These credits can be purchased from companies underutilizing their allowance or a third-party source like SJU

Special Advisors and Consultants

  • Baker Donelson
  • PWC
  • KPMG
  • Global Valuation
  • Norton Consulting
  • Smith Dawson & Andrews



United States
Leadership Team

Antonio J Colon - President and General Director
Melvin Ezzell - VP Forestry
Eric Sanchez - VP Compliance
Pedro Encarnacion - Financial Director
Nathan Wigham - VP Capital Markets
Ron Clark - VP Capital Markets

Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 2.36.41 PM

  1. Newly created Delaware Corporations

  2. GP/LP Structure

  3. 2% Management Fee/20% Profit split

  4. Regulation D - 506 (c) exempt fund

  5. $100 Million raise

  6. 100 Units – Token per Unit will be available at investor request after holding period

    1. Token to be issued and monitored by 10XTS

  7. 12 Month holding period

  8. Conservation ESG Green Fund – Is this an ESG Conservation play or a Timber Play? Both

  9. Carbon Credits, require the conservation of parcels in perpetuity.  For such reason, we plan to.  

    Carbon Capturing to develop Carbon derivatives
     i.     Carbon Credits - Mandatory                                                 
    ii.     Carbon Offsets - Voluntary
  • Sustainably Tree Farming

  • High and Best Use for carved out parcels

  • Syndicate conservation easements to obtain resources to increase the land inventory for carbon derivatives.

  1. Fund could be created for any group interested in having the name recognition of their own fund.

  2. If we get help from a market maker to promote the Fund, we would accept a co GP Agreement.

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