Total Portfolio Activity 17% Total Assets Under Management 300,000,000
Targeted Investor IRR 15 Targeted Equity Multiple 2
Targeted Average Cash Yield 10 Targeted Investment Period 5
Property Type Hotel Location|MSA New York
Targeted Project IRR 15 Sponsor Co-Invest ($) 1,000,000,000
Sponsor Co-Invest (%) 10 Offers Due 2022/02/18
Funds Due 2022/02/18 Targeted Distribution Start Date 2022/02/18
Initial Posting Date 2022-09-11 17:36:23

SJU Global clients immediately benefit from our fuel improvement technology

Comply immediately with UN/IMO 2030 emissions
• Reduce fuel consumption by 20-30%.
• Reduced carbon print and Green House Gases:
• NOx up to 20-30%
• COx up to 30%
• Particulate Matter, Carbon Black and soot up to 85%
• No change required to existing engines or fuel facilities.
• Minimum or no CAPEX equipment purchase.
• Eliminate the need to use expensive fuels or;
• Changing fuels which could lead to increase cost in fuel and
• In the case of engines with scrubbers, reduce SOx by 20-25%, thus extending the life of the scrubbing liquid.


Implementation of SJU Global Technology will make companies
comply with IMO 2030 immediately and combined with other
technologies IMO 2050 compliant
Other Fuel Challenges
• does not provides the required 30% reduction in CO2.
• High cost of conversion
• Lifecycle analysis show that LNG is 35-80 times worse
than CO2, so what is the advance?

• Ammonia
• Safety concerns

• Hydrogen
• Energy inefficient process


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